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Outdoor Wooden Playgrounds, Swing Sets, And Playsets For Sale In Glendale

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Wooden Outback Series For Playgrounds And Backyards In Glendale, AZ

Outback Series

Starting at $5,459

Playhouse Series For Backyards And Playgrounds In Glendale

Playhouse Series

Starting at $5,149

Megaset For Backyards And Playgrounds In Glendale


Starting at $14,099

Space Savers For Backyards And Playgrounds In Glendale

Space Savers

Starting at $4,429

Safari Series For Backyards And Playgrounds In Glendale

Safari Series

Starting at $1,299

Glendale Customizable Playsets And Swing Sets

Fully Customize Your Kids’ Outdoor Playsets and Swing Sets

Your backyard playset should be a reflection of your family’s imagination and personality.

At All About Play, we take pride in offering playsets and swing sets that you can completely customize to bring the kind of joy and excitement you want to your backyard. Whether your little ones are daring adventurers, creative dreamers, or budding sports stars, we can help you assemble the perfect playset to feed their imagination and keep them entertained for hours.

In only three steps, you can get exactly what you’re looking for:

1 Choose a base style from our wide selection of inspired designs

2 Choose a size, height, and combo to fit your family’s specific needs

3 Choose accessories that will bring everyone hours of enjoyment

Visit us in our showroom, just a short drive from Glendale, AZ, to see what we have to offer and let our experts help you assemble the perfect set for your family.

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Why Choose All About Play For Your Playset Needs In Glendale, AZ?

Why Choose All About Play


Big box chain stores are an option for your family’s playset, but All About Play is your BEST option for a playset with fully customizable fun and top-quality materials and build quality. Our playsets will not only give your family the features and accessories that fit your unique needs, but they are designed and built to last, even in the hottest of Glendale, AZ summers.

Safe Swing Sets And Playsets For Sale In Glendale


We believe that fun isn’t worth having if it isn’t safe for your little ones. That’s why all of our sets have been designed and assembled to exceed all safety standards, giving your kids hours of fun while leaving you worry free.

Quality Swing Sets And Play Sets Near Glendale, AZ


Fully American-made, all of our playsets have the best quality materials that will keep them looking brand new for years to come in your Glendale backyard.

All About Play Swing Sets And Playsets Funnovation


We know that the bottom line of any playset should be the FUN it provides your family. That’s why our innovative designs and wide range of accessories are backed by a lifetime warranty. Our price match policy also ensures that you’ll have fun without breaking the budget.

Visit All About Play Swing Sets And Playsets Showroom Near Glendale


Not everything can be picked out through online shopping. When you visit our giant showroom a short drive from Glendale, you’ll be able to see all of our playsets and swing sets firsthand to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need and exactly what your family wants.

Outdoor Play And Swing Sets Made Of Cedar Construction For Your Glendale Home

If You Want a Quality swing set, You Want Cedar.

All of our playsets and swing sets are made of high-quality cedar. Cedar is not only incredibly durable, low maintenance, and naturally bug repellent, but it also looks warm and inviting, giving your outdoor space a touch of natural beauty.

Outdoor Playsets And Swing Sets Made Of Quality Cedar Construction

#1 Outdoor Playsets Provider In Glendale

All About Play is your #1 destination for finding the perfect playset that will keep your family entertained for years. We are committed to giving you and your family the perfect setting to get outside and spend quality time together in your Glendale backyard fun zone. With our high-quality materials and unbeatable customer service, our playsets will be the perfect setting for the childhood memories your kids will have forever. Contact us today or visit us in our showroom and let one of our play experts show you why we are the best place to go for outdoor play equipment.

5-Star Rated Client Reviews

Parent Approved

They are amazing! The playground is perfect, my kids love this! The company is detailed, prompt with emails and extremely professional.

Alexis Ashley


This is a great play set! The kids love it and want to always play on it when they come to Grandma’s house! Very well built.



Thanks a bunch to the team at All About Play! We were looking for a wooden playground for our new home, and their staff not only answered all of our questions, but they helped us build an amazing custom playset for our backyard. They also offer free assembly and delivery statewide!! Highly recommended.

Hannah Gillespie


Kids Playing On Wooden Playset With Swings In Glendale

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We Offer More Than Just Playsets And Swing Sets For Your Glendale Home

Make your backyard your family’s favorite fun zone!

Why Choose All About Play

Kids Play Sets

Whether your kids are big or little, daredevils or laid-back, our playsets will keep them busy and safe in your own backyard for hours. Customize your playset with the accessories your family needs from slides to climbing walls. Your kids are sure to find the features that fit their idea of fun.

Kids Playset With Swings Shipping To Glendale, AZ
Children Swinging On An Outdoors Wooden Playset

Outdoor Wooden Swing Sets With Slides

There’s no better playground than your Glendale backyard with our wide selection of top-quality wooden swing sets. Crafted from beautiful and durable cedar, you’ll find the perfect innovative design that fits your family’s needs.

Basketball Hoops, Trampoline Sets, And Much More!

Looking to take your backyard fun zone to the next level? We are also your top destination for the equipment you need to make your backyard the most fun. We are sure to have exactly what your family wants to spend time together having fun and making memories. Visit our showroom to see our full range of outdoor playground equipment.

Basketball Hoops And Trampolines For Sale Near Glendale
Quality Play Sets and Swing Sets For Your Glendale Home

Glendale Playsets And Swing Sets

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Playsets

When it comes to assembling your playset, we have you covered. Our experts will assemble your entire playset to ensure your outdoor playset is ready for safe fun in just a matter of hours. 

You want your outdoor playset to not only be fun for your family, but you want your investment to resist the wear and tear of years of play and all weather conditions. Cedar is the perfect wood for the job. It’s naturally sturdy and bug-repellent, guaranteeing it won’t fall apart easily. As an added bonus, it looks and smells great, too!

Cedar has natural oils and compounds that will leave your playset resistant to moisture and rot. It also won’t splinter or fade, leaving your playset low on your list of things you need to maintain. Brushing off any debris and occasional light scrubbing with mild soap will keep your playset looking new without the backbreaking labor.

While you’re waiting for our experts to assemble your new playset, there are a few things you can do to make sure your backyard is ready for the fun you’re about to have. You can:

  1. Choose a part of your yard that is level and clear of any trees or other hazards your little ones might be swinging into. 
  2. Choose a part of the yard that is at least 6 feet away from structures like your house, garage, or shed.
  3. Choose how you want your playset oriented. Keep in mind the accessories you have chosen and how much sunlight parts of your playset will get at certain times

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Cedar playsets are built to LAST. Cedar won’t warp, crack, or show wear and tear like other treated woods do, so you’re sure to get your money’s worth out of your investment. Cedar will give you as long as 20 years of family fun.

One of the many benefits of a fully customizable playset is that your playset can change and grow to meet the needs and wants of your growing kids. You can choose from our wide range of climbing accessories, slides, and additional accessories to make sure your kids never outgrow their favorite playground.

Fun is important, yes. But nothing is more important than the safety of your family. That’s why what your playset is assembled from is your most important consideration when you’re choosing your playset. While a wooden playset and a metal playset are both safe when brand new, you need to keep in mind how wear and tear will affect their safety over time. Metal playsets are far more susceptible to quick wear and tear making safety features less effective over time.  Metal playsets also have trouble regulating temperature, a huge issue when playing in the bright Glendale, Arizona sunshine.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Playsets

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