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Outdoor Wooden Playgrounds, Swing Sets, And Playsets For Sale In Peoria

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Wooden Outback Series For Playgrounds And Backyards In Peoria, AZ

Outback Series

Starting at $5,459

Playhouse Series For Backyards And Playgrounds In Peoria

Playhouse Series

Starting at $5,149

Megaset For Backyards And Playgrounds In Peoria


Starting at $14,099

Space Savers For Backyards And Playgrounds In Peoria

Space Savers

Starting at $4,429

Safari Series For Backyards And Playgrounds In Peoria

Safari Series

Starting at $1,299

Peoria Customizable Backyard Playgrounds, Playsets, And Swing Sets

Customize the Perfect Outdoor Playset or Swing Set for your Family!

Every family is unique. It just makes sense that the playset you invest in to gather memories for years to come needs to be unique as well. Whether you have climbers, swingers, or sliders, all of our outdoor playsets are fully customizable to keep them happy and entertained in your Peoria backyard!

Just simply:

1 Choose a base style from our huge selection.

2 Choose a size, height and combo that’s perfect for your family.

3 Choose the accessories that will keep everyone happy.

Don’t have the perfect set already in mind? No problem! Visit our Mesa showroom, just a short drive from Peoria, AZ, to get inspiration and help from our highly trained experts!

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Why Choose All About Play For Your Playset Needs In Peoria, AZ?

Why Choose All About Play

We are Arizona’s Go-To Destination for State-of-the-Art Playgrounds and Swing Sets!

Sure you could probably save a few bucks by hitting the nearest chain store and picking out a playset or swing set from the one or two they have in stock. But then you’ll be missing out on the full All About Play experience which offers you expert help with your fully customized and built-to-last backyard playset. We not only let you choose from the accessories your family will love, but we guarantee that your playset will last through all the sunny days Peoria has to offer.

Safe Swing Sets And Playsets For Sale In Peoria


Have peace of mind knowing all our playsets not only meet but exceed all standard safety measures for outdoor play equipment.

Quality Swing Sets And Play Sets Near Peoria


Completely made in America, every piece that goes into one of our playsets is crafted using quality materials that will create a playset built to endure years of hard play in your Peoria, AZ backyard.

All About Play Swing Sets And Playsets Funnovation


We not only have all the accessories the kids crave, but we also have the guarantees to back them up that parents love. Most of our playsets and swingsets are backed by a full lifetime warranty and we proudly honor our price matching policy to help you save.

Visit All About Play Swing Sets And Playsets Showroom Near Peoria


Picking out a playset online is tough – sometimes you just need to see it for yourself. Our Peoria-area showroom lets you do just that while being helped by one of our trained PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT experts.

Outdoor Playsets And Swing Sets Made Of QUALITY CEdar FOR YOUR PEORIA Home!

Why Should You Buy a Cedar Swing Set? Because a durable cedar playset is built to last.

If you want quality, then look no further than cedar. Cedar is naturally one of the sturdiest materials you can build to keep your family safe for years to come. Not only is it going to last longer than other woods, it also keeps its beautiful look for years, adding curb appeal to your Peoria, AZ home year-round.

Outdoor Playsets And Swing Sets Made Of Quality Cedar Construction

#1 Outdoor Playsets and Swingset Provider In Peoria

We’re number one in a lot of ways, but one of the ways that makes us most proud is our commitment to giving you and your family a backyard oasis to play and make memories together. This commitment is made evident in a lot of ways, from our attention to design detail, our dedication to only the best quality playset and swing set craftsmanship, and our friendly and thorough approach to customer service. If you are ready to make your Peoria backyard the backdrop to all kinds of family fun, contact us today or visit our showroom, and let us show you why we’re number one!

5-Star Rated Client Reviews

Parent Approved

They are amazing! The playground is perfect, my kids love this! The company is detailed, prompt with emails and extremely professional.

Alexis Ashley


This is a great play set! The kids love it and want to always play on it when they come to Grandma’s house! Very well built.



Thanks a bunch to the team at All About Play! We were looking for a wooden playground for our new home, and their staff not only answered all of our questions, but they helped us build an amazing custom playset for our backyard. They also offer free assembly and delivery statewide!! Highly recommended.

Hannah Gillespie


Kids Playing On Wooden Playset With Swings In Peoria

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We Offer More Than Just Playsets And Swing Sets For Your Peoria Home

Make Your Backyard a Fun Place for Everyone with our variety of Backyard Play Equipment

Why Choose All About Play

KIDS Outdoor PlaySets

Public playgrounds will be a thing of the past when you build your own family playground in your Peoria backyard. Our customizable playsets offer something for everyone, whether they want to take it easy or find their inner stuntman. 

Kids Playset With Swings Shipping To Peoria, AZ
Children Swinging On An Outdoors Wooden Swingset With Slides

Outdoor Wooden Swing Sets and Slides

Made of the highest quality cedar, our wooden swing sets offer parents peace of mind in their quality construction while giving kids all the innovative designs and accessories they’re looking for to have fun.

We Offer All Kinds of Outdoor Playground Equipment: Basketball Hoops, Trampoline Sets, and much More!

We don’t just bury the competition when it comes to providing playsets and swing sets in the Peoria, AZ area. We are also your top destination for all the equipment you need to make your backyard your favorite fun zone. From basketball hoops to trampoline sets, you can see all of our outdoor play equipment in our showroom and find just what you need to start having fun!

Basketball Hoops And Trampolines For Sale In Peoria, AZ
Quality Play Sets and Swing Sets For Your Peoria Home

Peoria Playsets And Swing Sets

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Playsets and Swing sets

When you’re talking about an outdoor swing set that will see the hundreds of days of Peoria sun every year, you want wood hands down. Wood is built to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, while metal will show wear and tear much quicker. This wear and tear is more than just an eyesore – it can be a serious threat to safety.

Besides making sure your swing set is within sight of your home, porch, or patio, there are other things to consider when choosing the perfect location:

  1. Keep your swing set away from roads and driveways.
  2. Choose as level a spot as you can find to keep strain off the components and thus keep it sturdy and safe.
  3. Keep the set at least 6 feet away from the house, fence, shed, trees, or poles to avoid collisions with any of these. Additionally, make sure that any swings are set at least twice the height of the bar it’s suspended from. 

The good news that comes with using All About Play comes even after your purchase. Our experts will deliver and assemble your playset for you in the location of your choosing. You then have the comfort of knowing your set was assembled by people who knew exactly what they were doing to keep your family safe.

YES! Cedar has natural wood preservatives in its fibers, which means it is stronger, sturdier, and longer lasting than most woods. Cedar is also naturally bug-repellent and moisture-resistant, two things that can age a non-cedar outdoor playset quickly. Best of all, cedar is naturally low maintenance. Just wipe the debris off and give it a gentle wash once in a while and your set will look brand new year after year.

We really feel like we have no competition when it comes to everything we offer your family. We provide full consultations with a knowledgeable staff in our showroom to ensure you get just what your family is seeking. Don’t forget our price match guarantee and lifetime warranty, not to mention the peace of mind you’ll get knowing that any product we sell you is meant to last without breaking your budget. We are passionate about providing your family with a lifetime of memories in your own backyard, so come visit us today to get your family started!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Playsets

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