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Wooden Playset With Swings And A Slide For Sale In Phoenix, AZ

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Outback Series Wooden Swing Sets And Playgrounds In Phoenix, AZ

Outback Series

Starting at $5,459

Playhouse Series Wooden Swing Sets And Playgrounds For Sale In Phoenix

Playhouse Series

Starting at $5,149

Megaset Wooden Swing Sets And Playgrounds For Sale In Phoenix


Starting at $14,099

Space Savers Wooden Swing Sets And Playgrounds For Sale In Phoenix

Space Savers

Starting at $4,429

Safari Series Wooden Swing Sets And Playgrounds For Sale In Phoenix

Safari Series

Starting at $1,299

Fully Customize Your Kids Wooden Play Sets And Swing Sets

Fully Customize Your Kids’ Outdoor Playsets and Swing Sets

No two families are alike, so why should playsets and swing sets for families be cookie-cutter?

At All About Play, we can help you fully customize your playset and swing set through our simple process. In just three steps, you’ll have exactly what your family needs and wants:

1 Choose a base style from our wide selection

2 Choose a size, height, and combo

3 Choose your accessories

Can’t decide on what’s best? Visit our Phoenix area showroom and let one of our experts help you find the perfect fit for your family.

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Why Choose All About Play For Your Playset Needs In Phoenix, AZ?

Why Choose All About Play

We Are Arizona’s Go-To Destination for State-of-the-Art Playground and Swing Sets!

You could go to any chain store and find a playset for your family, but you’re not going to get the fully customized, expertly constructed backyard destination for fun that your family will love and enjoy for years to come. Our playsets and swing sets will not only feature all the accessories your family craves, but they are also built to endure the 300 days of Phoenix sunshine without fading or falling apart.

Safe Swing Sets And Playsets For Sale In Phoenix, AZ


We take safety as seriously as we take play. All of our sets not only meet but they exceed all standards of safety to ensure your kids have fun and you have peace of mind.

Quality Swing Sets And Play Sets For Sale In Phoenix


Proudly made in America, we use only the highest quality materials on all our products, giving your family years of fun without early wear and tear.

All About Play Swing Sets And Playsets Funnovation


Not only do we innovate when it comes to construction, but we also innovate when it comes to FUN. Almost all our playsets are backed with a lifetime warranty, and we proudly price match so you don’t break your budget.

Visit All About Play Swing Sets And Playsets Showroom Near You


You don’t have to worry about buying the right thing based on a picture online. Come to our Phoenix area showroom and see our playsets in person to make sure you get the best set for your family and your home.

Outdoor Play And Swing Sets Made Of Cedar Construction For Your Phoenix Home

The Amazing Advantages to Cedar Swing Sets

When we say we use high-quality materials, we are talking about using cedar for our swing sets. Cedar not only smells great and looks sleek in your backyard, but it’s naturally bug-repellent and solid enough to get almost a decade of use without showing wear and tear.

Outdoor Wooden Playset And Swing Sets For Sale In Phoenix, AZ

#1 Outdoor Playsets Provider In Phoenix

There are a lot of reasons we’re #1, but one we are most proud of is our commitment to you and your family. We want to see your family play outside, play together, and play safely so they can create memories that will last them a lifetime. You see this commitment in our attention to detail, dedication to high-quality craftsmanship, and top-notch customer service. If you’re ready to take advantage of Phoenix’s 300 sunny days a year while spending quality time with your family, contact us today or visit our showroom and let us show you why we’re Phoenix’s #1 destination for outdoor play equipment.

5-Star Rated Client Reviews

Parent Approved

They are amazing! The playground is perfect, my kids love this! The company is detailed, prompt with emails and extremely professional.

Alexis Ashley


This is a great play set! The kids love it and want to always play on it when they come to Grandma’s house! Very well built.



Thanks a bunch to the team at All About Play! We were looking for a wooden playground for our new home, and their staff not only answered all of our questions, but they helped us build an amazing custom playset for our backyard. They also offer free assembly and delivery statewide!! Highly recommended.

Hannah Gillespie


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We Offer More Than Just Playsets And Swing Sets For Your Phoenix Home

Make Your Backyard Your Own Personal Fun Zone!

Why Choose All About Play

Kids Play Sets

Whether for bigger kids or little tots, we have a play set that will keep them all occupied in the backyard for hours. Fully customizable, we offer play sets that feature anything from slides and monkey bars to rope ladders and climbing walls. Your kids can take it easy or find their inner daredevil on our safe and durable play sets.

Kid's Playset With Swings For Sale In Phoenix
Outdoor Wooden Swing Sets With Slides For Sale In Phoenix

Outdoor Wooden Swing Sets With Slides

Why go to a crowded playground in your Phoenix neighborhood when you can get everything you want in the privacy of your own backyard? Our swing sets are made from the highest quality cedar and feature innovative designs that will keep your kids swinging higher and higher in the Phoenix sunshine for hours.

Basketball Hoops, Trampoline Sets, And Much More!

We aren’t just the leading provider of playsets and swing sets in the Phoenix area, but we are your one-stop destination for all the equipment you need for FUN in your own backyard. We have something fun for everyone in your family. Visit our showroom to check out our full line of outdoor play equipment and find just what you need to start making memories.

Basketball Hoops And Trampolines For Sale In Phoenix, AZ
Play Sets and Swing Sets

Phoenix Playsets And Swing Sets

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Playsets

How long it takes for our experts to assemble varies from set to set. The more elaborate the set, the longer it will take. However, on average, most playsets take anywhere from 5-8 hours. But no matter how long it may take, you’ll always have peace of mind knowing you left it to the professionals who know how to assemble a playset that keeps everyone safe and having fun for years to come.

Our playsets are all made of high-quality cedar. Not only is cedar the best choice when it comes to using materials that will last for years to come, but cedar is also a beautiful wood with natural properties that keep it bug-repellent. That means your family can have years of fun on a beautiful set without the hassle of bugs. 

There’s a lot that sets us apart from the competition. Not only do we offer full consultations in our showroom with knowledgeable staff who are passionate about play, but we also offer fast and top-quality assembly all over Arizona. Add to that our price match guarantee and lifetime warranties backing most of our products, and there’s no other dealer who can give you better service and better quality. 

We have assembly covered, but there are a few things you can do to make sure your yard is in optimal condition for a successful assembly.

  1. Make sure you’ve selected an area in your yard that is clear of trees, fences, and other hazards. Also, choose a part of your yard that is level, or you will need to level it yourself.
  2. Make sure there is at least 6 feet between the perimeter of your playset site and any structure like your house, garage, or shed. If your set has swings, you also need to ensure you leave space that is twice the distance of the height of your swings.
  3. Make sure you have the best orientation for your playset. Keep in mind what accessories you have on the set, like swings and slides, and how much sunlight parts will get and at what time.

One of the biggest benefits of using all cedar on our playsets is the lifespan ensures you’re getting your money’s worth out of your investment. Cedar’s natural oils help protect the wood from cracking and warping better than treated wood, and cedar does not splinter the way most woods do. Cedar’s cell structure also makes it incredibly durable, giving your family as long as 20 years of safe, good fun.

Our fully customizable playsets that your kids adore one day might not be the most appropriate for them as they grow older. That’s why adding on accessories is the perfect way to have your playset grow right alongside your kids! Whether you’re adding climbing accessories, extra towers, or slides, additional accessories can ensure your kids never outgrow your playset.

Your family’s safety should be your first consideration when choosing a playset. That’s why choosing the materials your playset is made out of is a huge decision. When it comes to safety, both are safe when they’re new. However, the wear and tear is much faster with metal, and after a shorter time than a wood set, a metal playset could become unsafe. Additionally, metal sets are also more susceptible to safety hazards due to temperature. With all the sun your Arizona backyard sees in a year, keeping your children from getting burned on a metal set should be a priority.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Playsets

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