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Phoenix’s Top-Selling BERG Scooters

Discover Phoenix’s favorite choice for kids’ scooters! All About Play offers a selection of high-quality, robust, and child-friendly BERG scooters, perfect for your little ones. Our scooters ensure a smooth ride, making every outdoor adventure enjoyable and safe.

BERG Nexo Foldable Blue For Sale In Phoenix

BERG Nexo Foldable Blue

This scooter is perfect for kids on the go! Its foldable design makes it convenient to store and transport, ensuring that fun is always within reach.

BERG Nexo Foldable Lights Mint For Sale In Phoenix

BERG Nexo Foldable Lights Mint

Illuminate your child’s playtime with the BERG Nexo Foldable Lights Mint. Featuring vibrant LED lights, this scooter is not just a ride but a spectacle on wheels.

BERG Nexo Foldable Mint For Sale In Phoenix

BERG Nexo Foldable Mint

Meet the BERG Nexo Foldable Mint, a blend of style and functionality. This scooter stands out with its fresh mint color and foldable feature, offering both convenience and flair.

BERG Nexo Foldable Lights Lime For Sale In Phoenix

BERG Nexo Foldable Lights Lime

This scooter shines with its unique lime color and integrated lights, adding a dash of fun to every ride. Built to last, it promises countless adventures for little ones!

Feel the Excitement of Outdoor Play With Our Highly Rated BERG Scooters

Engineered For Durability, Physical Activity, and Safety

BERG Scooters Are Durable And Built To Last

Durable and Built to Last

All About Play’s scooters are designed with longevity in mind. Our durable scooters withstand the rigors of daily play, ensuring that your investment continues to bring joy to your child for years to come.

Improve Outdoor Play In Phoenix For Your Children's Needs

Outdoor Play Your Kid Needs

Encourage your child to embrace the great outdoors with our top-notch scooters. Designed for fun and physical activity, they offer an enjoyable way to promote health, coordination, and adventure.

Improved Safety for Peace of Mind

Safety for Peace of Mind

At All About Play, we prioritize your child’s safety. Our scooters are engineered with safety features that allow your kids to play without worries, giving you peace of mind while they enjoy.

Approved By Parents!

“Great customer service, and I would highly recommend them.”

I wanted a playset for my kids but had trouble finding a local company to inspect the site and assemble the playset at my house. My yard is on an incline, and I wanted someone to confirm we could install it. Luckily, I found All About Play. They came to my home, confirmed we could set it up, and took care of the rest! They have great customer service, and I would highly recommend them.

Kash N


Little Girl Enjoying Her New BERG Scooter In Phoenix

Phoenix’s Preferred BERG Scooter Dealer

Delivery & Assembly Service Available Throughout Phoenix

Choose All About Play for unmatched quality and reliable service. We offer delivery and assembly throughout Phoenix, ensuring your scooter is ready for action as soon as it arrives. Our delivery and assembly service allows you to get peace of mind knowing your little one will enjoy the scooter without any stress! We ensure a perfect assembly so you can get peace of mind for your kid! 

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We invite you to check our catalog to see our wide variety of BERG scooter models and choose the best one for your child.

“We absolutely love everything about this company and their products.”

This is not your standard Costco or Sams play structure, which are still very nice. All About Play uses the best materials to build a very heavy, sturdy, safe play structure. My husband , my 12 year old and I each swung on the swing set (has 3 swings) at the same time and it did not budge! All four of our kids (and neighbor kids) play on this everyday and we are loving the new memories being made. Thank you so much for providing a beautiful, safe and affordable place to play in our yard!

Amanda Barrett


Arizona’s Top Scooter Dealer

Dedicated to Excellence

Dedicated to Excellence

We’re committed to providing only the best products and services, ensuring that every family finds the perfect scooter for their child.

Outstanding Customer Support

Outstanding Customer Support

Our customer support team is here to assist you with any questions or needs. We’re always dedicated to guaranteeing satisfaction!

Clear and Honest Pricing

Clear and Honest Pricing

Our clear and honest pricing means there are no surprises, just straightforward, fair costs for top-quality scooters.

We Ensure Respect and Kindness for Everyone

We Ensure Respect and Kindness for Everyone

We strive to create a welcoming and respectful environment. Kindness and respect are at the heart of everything we do.

Two Girls Holding A Blue And A Yellow BERG Nexo Scooters With Light-Up Wheels

FAQs About Our Scooters

Our BERG scooters are designed to accommodate a wide range of ages, typically from 3 years old and up. We understand the importance of providing safe and enjoyable riding experiences for children of all ages, which is why we offer a diverse range of models tailored to different developmental stages. From our beginner-friendly scooters designed for preschoolers to our advanced models suitable for older children and teens, there’s a BERG scooter to match every age and skill level, ensuring that young riders can start their exciting adventures while building confidence and mastering new skills.

Selecting the correct scooter size is essential to ensure optimal comfort, safety, and enjoyment for your child. Consider both their age and height when making your decision. Our range includes scooters with adjustable handlebars, providing flexibility as your child grows. For assistance in choosing the perfect size, our knowledgeable customer service team is ready to help! So feel free to contact us for more info. Don’t forget that by taking into account your child’s measurements, experience level, and preferences, we can help guide you toward the ideal scooter that will provide years of thrilling rides and memorable experiences.

Our BERG scooters resist different weight capacities depending on the model, typically ranging from 50 to 100 kilograms (110 to 220 pounds). This ensures that our scooters can accommodate a wide range of sizes and ages, providing stability and support for riders as they navigate various terrains and engage in active play. Whether your child is a petite preschooler or a growing teenager, you can trust that our scooters are built to withstand their adventures while delivering a smooth and exhilarating riding experience.

Our scooters are built to endure the wear and tear of daily use and adventurous exploration, which is why they’re created with robust materials and subjected to stringent testing procedures. From reinforced frames to resilient wheels and bearings, each component is meticulously designed to withstand the demands of active play and outdoor adventures, ensuring long-lasting performance and enjoyment for children of all ages. With a BERG scooter, you can trust that your child will experience countless hours of fun-filled riding while parents enjoy peace of mind knowing their investment is built to last.

We stand firmly behind the quality and integrity of our products, and we want you to be completely satisfied with your BERG scooter purchase. If for any reason you’re not delighted with your scooter, we offer a hassle-free return policy for your peace of mind. You can start a return within a few days of purchase, provided the scooter is in its original condition with all packaging intact. Simply reach out to our dedicated customer service team, and we’ll guide you through the process to ensure a smooth and seamless experience.

Absolutely! At All About Play, we prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to provide exceptional after-sales support for all our products. Each BERG scooter comes backed by a comprehensive warranty, offering coverage for manufacturing defects and faulty components. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the point of purchase, with our dedicated customer service team on hand to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have regarding your scooter. Whether you require troubleshooting assistance, maintenance advice, or replacement parts, we’re here to ensure that your scooter continues to deliver countless hours of enjoyment.

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