Megaset 4 – 35’10” x 21″ x 15’5″H


Outback & Playhouse Combo XL

Connection Shown:

Crawl Tunnel
  • Create a sense of adventure with a Crawl Tunnel, complete with spy holes for cover and creativity.

  • L35’10” W21’8″ H15’5″
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Super-fast racing slides make this Megaset a thrilling adventure for children of all ages. A crawl tunnel connects two bases for a fun way to get from here-to-there or a great hide-out when playing hide-and-seek. This Megaset combines the Outback and Playhouse XL bases for exciting climbing features and space for a picnic or sandbox.

For those who feel like enough is never enough, you’ve got to see Mega Sets from Woodplay®. These big backyard swing sets combine multiple playhouses to create a unique playtime experience. With Mega Sets, you can build a custom backyard playground all the neighborhood kids will want to play on. Fill your giant backyard with a big playhouse or adventure park that has something for everyone and plenty of room to play.Our Mega Set big backyard playhouses combine two or three Woodplay playsets, starting with one Outback swing set and adding another Outback or Playhouse swing set.

A wood roof adds a gorgeous architectural element to your backyard, it features stylish gables and is finished to match both redwood and cedar finishes!

The XL deck on this playset increases the available play-space of your backyard playset allowing your child’s imagination to grow into the space, and also provides more space for additional add ons!

Product number: MEGA.4


This playset is available in cedar and has an extra large deck.

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