Why a backyard playset is a perfect gift for kids

Summertime is the prime time to get your kids – or grandkids – outside in the fresh air and warm Mesa, Arizona sun. 

Outside play is preferable to screen time for many reasons, and a playground outdoors is a cheap alternative to expensive summer camps or other structured outdoor activities.

Kids playing on a backyard wooden playset.

Outdoor playgrounds are also a way to keep your kids or grandkids close to home and safe while they’re getting exercise and letting their imaginations run wild at the same time. Plus, providing a family outdoor playground is the quickest way to become the favorite parent or grandparent! 

Finally, there’s nothing quite like seeing a child’s face light up when they see an outdoor playset in their backyard for the very first time and learn that it’s all theirs. 

A new playset brings the family together

And, of course, playing outside is something you can do together with your kids or grandkids, unlike screen time, which is often a solitary activity. It’s important to keep in mind the 3 Ps of play when playing outdoors with your kids or grandkids: 

  1. Play at Home
  2. Play Together
  3. Play Safe

Get Ready to Play Your Way

Remember, there’s no wrong way to play! When kids are engaged in creative, physical play, it fosters their imagination and keeps them physically active. Read more about some great backyard play ideas here! 

Play is one of the most important things kids need to learn and grow. And it’s definitely something they don’t get enough of in the traditional education system. So when kids are inside all day with their heads bent over their desks, no wonder they get restless and start itching to go outside and play! 

And when you have outdoor play equipment in your backyard, all of the neighborhood kids can come somewhere safe to play where you or other parents/grandparents can keep an eye on them. So backyard playgrounds provide convenience as well. 

Popular Cedar Playsets All About Play Mesa, AZ

Building Lasting Memories for Your Family

All About Play playground equipment is built to last, professionally assembled, and uses only top-quality materials. We know that safety when playing outside is a top priority for you as a parent or grandparent. 

Cedar backyard playground sets provide many advantages: they repel insects, are strong, durable, and lightweight, and stay cool, not overheating in the sun. (Read more about different types of backyard swingset materials here.

And with All About Play backyard playsets, you can start small and grow your own outdoor playground to become something magical and memorable for your family. Expand your outdoor swingset piece by piece with the many accessories All About Play has to offer, and take advantage of our maintenance services, too. 

Playtime Can Help Kids Be Calm

Play is good for kids physically, but it also provides some time when their bodies are in motion, but their minds are at rest. And as this article states, that quiet contemplation on a heavy-duty swingset is not only good for kids and adults alike, it’s essential in today’s fast-paced world. 

All About Play’s cedar outdoor playsets are built to last – durable, lightweight, strong, safe, and ready for action! We take your investment in this outdoor playground and your family’s fun seriously. Each playset is crafted carefully with safety, durability, and fun in mind.

Will a Playground Outdoors Fit in Your Yard?

All About Play is happy to come to your Phoenix-area home to make a FREE yard evaluation. We can help you choose the best spot and size for your new playset. 

Call us to schedule a free yard evaluation at 623-986-7529 (PLAY). You can also come to our showroom to better understand what these family outdoor playgrounds look like in real life. We’re located at 7931 E PECOS RD #113, MESA, AZ 85212. Come on by! 

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