The Benefits Of Choosing A.J. Landmark Trampolines

Here at All About Play, we specialize in backyard playsets, and a variety of other outdoor playground equipment. Additionally, we also offer a full line of heavy duty, built to last trampolines. In this day and age when TV, computers, and video games occupy much of our children’s time, trampolines can be a great source of exercise to keep our kids active. Not only do they provide tons of fun for anyone, but the jumper can also have the added benefit of getting great exercise with each bounce.

The Benefits Of Choosing A.J. Landmark Trampolines In Mesa, AZ

Why Choose A.J. Landmark Trampolines?

We feature A.J. Landmark trampolines, one of America’s premier trampoline manufacturers. They have been proudly manufacturing trampolines in the USA since 1985, and their standard of quality is second to none. The pursuit to produce the lowest priced trampoline has caused many manufacturers to forfeit features of safety and durability. It is not possible to produce the cheapest and the best trampoline. From exercise to recreational trampolines, they have been the industry leader in quality, value, safety and warranty, without relying on fancy marketing or gimmicks. Not to mention, they also offer straightforward quality with an honest 5-year warranty to back it up.

Since 1985 they have manufactured the highest quality trampolines with pride right here in the U.S. in Boise, Idaho. In that time, there have been many manufacturers who have come and gone as the corners they cut for price and volume produced a less dependable product.

Often just trying to find out where other brands are manufactured can be difficult, let alone what materials they are made of and what their warranties cover. However, with A.J. Landmark there are no tricks and gimmicks. They simply warranty every part of their trampolines for a full 5 years, covering defects and normal wear issues because they build them to last.

Factors To Consider When Buying a New Trampoline In Arizona

A new trampoline is one of the best play investments you can make! A trampoline is a great, fun way to exercise, and you can never outgrow it! If you are looking at trampolines online, then you know how great they are for kids and adults alike! What you may not know is there is a BIG difference between one maker and the next. We want you to make an educated choice, so here are a few factors to consider when choosing your new trampoline:

The Trampoline Frame

Consider the material from which it is made, and the gage of the tubing that is used to construct the frame itself.

The Trampoline Springs

Not only is the material they are made from important, but in many cases the number of springs themselves varies quite a bit from one manufacturer to the next.

The Trampoline Pad

The pad is responsible for providing a layer of protection between the springs and any foreign bodies (or body parts in many cases), so its quality is especially important to the longevity you can expect from the pad as well as the safety it will provide.

The Trampoline Mat

The mat (or the bed as it is commonly called) is the surface on which you are jumping. It is important to have a reinforced border which stabilizes the material to help eliminate the natural motion in the mesh during use, which wears on the stitching. The better the quality, the longer it will last and more durable it will be. Also take into consideration the UV protection which will affect the life of the bed.

If Its a High Weight Capacity Trampoline

The weight capacity is commonly measured in single user weight limit. The higher the weight capacity, the more durable and long lasting your trampoline will be under normal usage.

The Trampoline Warranty

The warranty is a particularly important part of choosing a trampoline. Warranties vary greatly depending on the manufacturer, as do their coverages. Many will only cover defects and not cover problems arising from normal usage.

Below you will find a comparison between the trampolines we offer from A.J. Landmark and a few of our competitors:

Trampolines A Side-By-Side Comparison Between A.J. Landmark Trampolines & Our Competitors

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