Space Saver 6 – 12’9” x 15’8” x 12’3”h


Playhouse XL 5′ w/ Double Swing Arm

Combo 1

  • Base Playset
  • Slide

  • 5′ x 7′ Deck Size
  • 5′ Deck Height
  • 10′ Slide Length
  • L12’9″ W15’8″ H12’3″


Small swingsets from Woodplay are the perfect choice for parents and grandparents who want to provide a convenient, safe choice for outdoor play. Don’t be fooled by their size, there is plenty of room for play and like all Woodplay play sets, small sets are made for ’kids’ of all sizes. These small swing sets are loaded with fun – allowing kids to slide, climb and swing all in the comfort of your backyard. From picture-perfect playhouses to double-deck swing sets, there’s more to do in even the smallest backyards.

The XL deck on this playset increases the available play-space of your backyard playset allowing your child’s imagination to grow into the space, and also provides more space for additional add ons!

6-in-1 creates unlimited ways to have fun! The table kids will love for picnics, snack time, birthday parties, games, writing, coloring or drawing, easily converts into a lemonade stand, pizza counter, fort, ticket booth or passport checkpoint to exotic places. The 6-in-1 also includes a sandbox feature kids can dig into, with or without the seats. Put the cover on the sandbox and it becomes a playtime platform that transforms into a stage, dance floor, chic boutique, art studio, fire station, workshop or anything else your kids dream up!

Product number: PH.SS2


This playset is available in cedar.

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