Keeping Your Playground In Perfect Condition Throughout The Year

Protecting an outdoor playset without having basic information first is risky, which is why you need to do proper research on time.

Children enjoy climbing, sliding, and swinging, allowing their imaginations to run wild. However, playground equipment usually deals with all types of weather, so it’s critical to protect it during all seasons.

Learning all about playground safety precautions can keep both children and equipment safe all year. So, if you want to learn more about Mesa backyard playground safety, keep reading this article!

Kids playing in a wooden playset in Arizona

Basic Maintenance Tips For All Seasons

After bringing your wooden playset home and setting it up, you must know what kind of maintenance it needs to keep it in premium condition all year long.

Do Proper Maintenance Once A Month

Maintenance is always a must! If you want to ensure your Chandler backyard playground is as safe as possible, schedule maintenance at least once a month.

When it’s cold outside and your kids aren’t utilizing the swing set, safety inspections are not as necessary as they are in the warmer spring and summer months.

Schedule An Inspection

A brief inspection is the first step in wooden set maintenance. Make sure everything is how it was when the set was first installed by taking a close look at it. If something seems out of place, repair it right away, whether it’s a sharp edge that needs mending or a piece of wood that needs sanding.

Install Nonslip Mats In The Playground

Deicers can prevent children from slipping on outdoor concrete surfaces. However, children can easily fall in or trip into puddles, especially during monsoon season.

Nonslip doormats placed just inside the playground’s entrance and exit doors can help with these concerns. These mats absorb water from shoes so there’s no moisture in the wooden set. In short, these mats can help keep kids safe!

Material Care

Make sure all the wood has been sanded, sealed, and it is splinter-free. To reduce long-term damage, all metal and moving parts should be well-oiled and free of rust.

How To Protect Your Wooden Playset During Summer

Summer is the real deal in Arizona, and that’s why any wooden playground requires extra protection. Consider these recommendations:

Check Your Wooden Playset for Wear On The Equipment

Normal wear and tear can cause damaged parts to provide less protection. Hence the importance of checking the wooden playground regularly, even in summer.

You should eliminate risk as much as possible by repairing protruding equipment and removing tripping hazards. You can also keep track of parts that need replacement.

Keep this tip in mind before installing a Mesa backyard playset if you want to ensure your kids have fun while being protected.

Keep An Eye On All Components

The playground equipment used decades ago is completely different from modern equipment. Plastics and painted metals have recently surpassed galvanized steel equipment, creating safer environments for children to enjoy.

While plastic and metal are more popular and long-lasting, wood is still popular in many playground structures. Wood is a good material for playground equipment in many ways. Unfortunately, it is more susceptible to damage from harsh weather than other materials.

Because of this, all the components in your playset deserve attention. Carefully check each of them periodically to see if there’s any crack or damage that could put the wooden structure at risk. All bolts, washers, nuts, and screws should be inspected routinely and tightened as needed.

Use Sealants

High temperatures can damage wood, so proper maintenance is necessary to ensure its durability and safety. Coating any wooden equipment with a chemical-free, waterproof sealant or preservative is a practical way to protect playgrounds. You should use sealants not only in winter but in summer too. Keep in mind that sealants can help the equipment maintain its finish over time.

Maintaining A Playground In The Cold Season

Playground safety standards are necessary all year, even in winter. Fortunately, Arizona doesn’t have problems with snow, but its cold winds can still put playgrounds at risk.

To protect your wooden playset, apply a fresh coat of stain. It will protect the wood from moisture and rot. You should use water-based sealants at least once or twice a year. Before applying these sealants, lightly sand rough spots to ensure a smooth application.

Let Kids Have Fun With A Safe Playground

While these tips can help a lot, one initial step is to install a high-quality and safe playground. That’s why we recommend you get in touch with All About Play to find the best option for your backyard to keep your children entertained and safe!

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