For nearly two years, we’ve been living in uncertain times as we battle COVID-19 and all of the circumstances that have ensued. While this day-to-day reality is challenging enough for adults, it’s even more overwhelming for children who struggle to understand what it all means. For children who are also living with chronic illness, the stress and uncertainty can be almost impossible to manage. Unfortunately, this is the difficult reality for many families.

One powerful way that families are finding hope is through the Make a Wish Foundation, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to bringing optimism and hope to the lives of families with children who struggle with critical illness. All About Play recently had the exciting opportunity to partner with Make a Wish Foundation and build a playground for a family in need. By fulfilling the wishes of chronically ill children around the country, Make a Wish Foundation is truly making a difference – and the team at All About Play was thrilled to be able to contribute!

Making Amaya’s Playground Wish a Reality

When All About Play was asked to help fulfill a wish for Amaya, we were eager for the opportunity to invest our time, energy, talents, and equipment toward an experience that would benefit Amaya’s life forever. Right away we said we would be thrilled to help.

Many children who have wishes fulfilled through the Make A Wish Foundation ask for a trip to a theme park, to meet a celebrity, or take a cruise ship vacation. Instead, Amaya asked for an inclusive playground in her backyard that she could share with her siblings, family, and friends.

Building an Inclusive Playground for Amaya

When we all work together to share our time, talents, and resources, we leave a multi-generational effect and make a true difference in our community. At All About Play, we were eager to get started on the project! Our team brought our professional experience, design skills, and knowledge to the table so we could prepare and build the perfect backyard playground that would exceed Amaya’s hopes and expectations. We wanted to create a fun, safe, and exciting play experience for her family, friends, and neighborhood that would bring families and children together in order to provide hope for Amaya as she battles the ongoing challenges of critical illness.

To meet Amaya’s wish for a backyard playset, we started with a multi-level platform and then topped each deck with colorful canopies for shade and a cool place to play. A climbing wall, wooden ladder, and rope ladder structure provide fun and physical ways for children to climb up to the decks. Once at the top, children can enjoy imaginary adventures from their shaded hideout or choose between a covered slide or open slide to make their way back to the ground! Amaya wished for her new playground to have plenty of space for lots of kids to enjoy, so we finished off the design with multiple swings and a trapeze bar with rings to expand the play space. Once the playset was fully installed, the backyard got a makeover of wood chips to help make a safe, comfortable, and attractive play area.

How Play Can Help Kids Overcome Stress

Psychologists, pediatricians, and therapists know that one of the best ways for children to relieve stress is through play. In particular, time in nature and physical play are some of the best ways to promote health, strengthen relationships, and provide feelings of hope for the future. Amaya’s playground has been a source of renewal and happiness for her and her family. All About Play is so thankful to have had this opportunity to partner with Make A Wish Foundation and enrich Amaya’s life.

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