How Can a Playset Increase My Home’s Value In Arizona?

Adding a Playset to your backyard can add to the value of your home. That may sound like fiction, and you may be thinking to yourself, “How can a playset increase the value of my home”? The truth is the addition of a quality playset will make your backyard a wonderful extension to your home. Imagine the impression a prospective buyer would have as they enter the backyard, and your beautiful playset is there to greet them. Perhaps you have added a great area around the set with some turf or natural grass surrounded by a nice edging. That Playset is the centerpiece of the backyard.

How Can a Playset Increase My Home’s Value In Arizona?

In comparison the opposite can be said for a backyard that has not been cared for with a dilapidated old playset or a pool that has sat unfilled for years. A playset is subject to the same rules as your house or yard, the better you maintain and care for it the better the impression it will make. A nice backyard and Playset will increase the likelihood that a prospective buyer will have a positive impression of your property.

The Benefits Of a Great Backyard Playset

A great backyard playset will appeal to the right buyer. Perhaps it is a first-time buyer with a young family and children. A top-quality Playset is a great addition for this type of buyer who in many instances may be considering a playset for their children in the backyard of their new home. If that buyer comes in the backyard and finds a great playset, that is just one more advantage your property may have over others they have visited.

Or consider a buyer who is older and buying a new property to be closer to their kids and/or grandkids or perhaps downsizing years after becoming “empty nesters”. A top-quality playset is an added feature that will bring fun to their backyard and share with their grandchildren.
A playset can undoubtedly add to its appeal and perceived value to a prospective buyer.

What Is The Right Playset For Your Backyard?

The Playset you pick for your backyard is often a matter of preference. One thing for certain, you want to ensure the set you choose is a high-quality playset that prospective buyers will see providing years of fun for their family. This does not necessarily mean a new playset, a well maintained and cared for playset can be just as beautiful as a brand new one.

Here at All About Play we offer industry leading playsets that are safe and built to stand the test of time. Our playsets are made from Cedar which is resistant to pests and moisture. In addition, they come with an industry leading lifetime warranty on all wood products. We love the way cedar compliments the natural environment, blending seamlessly with all varieties of yards whether they be heavily wooded or desert landscapes like many have here in Arizona.

We offer many options for accessories from greens that will blend well with the natural environment or yellows and reds that will bring a pop of color to the backyard.

Backyard Landscaping: Don’t Forget The Icing When Baking a Cake

When baking a cake, you don’t just stop at the cake. You add icing or sprinkles, maybe even a birthday or congratulations message. Don’t just add a great playset to an otherwise lifeless backyard. Consider what you can do to add to the playset and enhance the overall feel of your backyard. Some things to consider may be a custom surface to place the set on. There are many options for surfaces that will complement the playset and provide safety as well. Maybe as we discussed earlier you add some turf or grass and decorative edging to make the area pop. Maybe some landscaping is in order? Some shrubs and decorative mulch always beautify a backyard. We love the look cedar mulch adds to a backyard and how it complements the look of our cedar playsets, and you get the additional benefit of it repelling insects.

What To Avoid When Purchasing a Backyard Playset

Consider the possible pitfalls of purchasing a playset from a big box store or online mass retailer. These sets are often made with lower quality materials and workmanship. You do not want to add a playset to your property that will show wear and tear quickly and become a safety hazard for one of your children or worse yet a child who is visiting your home with their parents who are prospective buyers. Upkeep is minimal for our sets with the only care needed being occasionally resealing and ensuring all the bolts are still nice and tight.

Contact Arizona’s Leading Playset Store!

We here at All About Play would love to discuss all the options we have available for you and your backyard. We carry a full line of high-quality playsets with over 50 different models to choose from. In addition, we offer a line of heavy-duty trampolines in several different sizes, basketball goals in many different configurations and a large selection of lawn games including a beautiful line of corn hole boards that are made here in Arizona. Call us, visit us online at or stop by our showroom in Southeast Mesa.


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